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However you like to learn, see below some different articles, interviews and more, where Kat shares her passions and excitement for all things nutrition, education, wellbeing and travel.

Running Ya Mouth (Episode 9)

Runnin Ya Mouth host Ben invites Kat on as a special guest co-host. They chat to World Champion runner Benita Willis about her experiences at the highest level of her sport, as well as the training and health considerations for female athletes.

Energetic Education (Episode 125)

Kat and Dale discuss creating health and wellbeing learning opportunities in schools as an opportunity for positive, school-wide health behaviour change.​

Running Ya Mouth (Episode 4)

Kat shares insight with Runnin' Ya Mouth hosts Ben & Jimmy around the benefits of combining health, education and physical activity (particularly running and yoga), as well as information about the Sierra Leone Marathon Project.

Teaching Education with Meaning

Kat presents to an online audience of teachers and discusses: creating meaningful, organic and fun curriculum links; positive health and wellbeing behaviour change; and employing strategies for working with other organisations to inspire wider community change.

Published Article
How Preppies Designed New Tuckshop Options

Kat shares innovative ideas to connect curriculum with positive learning outcomes, including real-life examples from teaching on Palm Island. This article was published in the Queensland Association of School Tuckshops newsletter.

Chop time!

Ben, Elijah, Kat and the team show you around the hectic Waterloo market on a weekly shop before returning to John Obey Beach. They look at how the project's food is sourced and the challenges in living off 100% local produce in Sierra Leone. This documentary was screened on MTV Act.

Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies in Focus Project

Kat explains the value of a cross-curricular approach to embedding nutrition in curriculum, while working with students, staff, community members and external organisations to support sustainability at Mossman State School.

Published Research Paper
Creating excitement about healthy foods

During a pre-service practicum placement, Kat planned, delivered and evaluated a nutrition education program on Palm Island. Designed to align with the Australian Curriculum, this work was published in Practical Literacy: The Early and Primary Years.

Published Research Paper
Tongan adolescents’ eating patterns: Opportunities for intervention

After spending time in Tonga, Kat worked in collaboration with Deakin University academics to produce a mixed methods research paper looking at adolescent eating patterns and behaviours. This work was presented as an Honours Thesis and published in Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health.